Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv III 28VII/4 — dýru ‘precious’

Máría, ertu sköpuð skær,
skærust, og guði kær;
kæran, muntu duga, dýr,
dýru fólki, lofskýr.
Skýrust má; sektsár
sárin láttu gróa vár;
vára kenni eg nauð nær;
næri vertu, guðs mær.

Skærust Máría, ertu sköpuð skær og kær guði; dýr kæran, muntu duga dýru fólki, lofskýr. Skýrust má; láttu sektsár sárin vár gróa; eg kenni nauð vára nær; vertu næri, mær guðs.

Luminous Mary, you are created luminous and dear to God; precious darling, you will help precious people, praise-bright. The brightest one is powerful; let our guilt-sore sores heal; I feel that our distress is near; be nearby, Virgin of God [= Mary].



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