Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mv I 13VII/8 — bálið ‘the pyre’

Grietu meyjar mætar
minniligr sem kvinna
flokkrinn; kallmenn klökkva,
kvöl barmandi arma.
Dregin var drós til skógar
döpr og mædd; svá hræddiz,
— griet sárliga sæta
synd — er bálið kyndu.

Mætar meyjar sem minniligr flokkrinn kvinna grietu; kallmenn klökkva, barmandi arma kvöl. Drós var dregin til skógar, döpr og mædd; hræddiz svá, er kyndu bálið; sæta griet synd sárliga.

Glorious maidens as well as the memorable group of women wept; men sob, pitying the miserable torment. The woman was dragged to the forest, mournful and weary; she feared so much when they kindled the pyre; the lady wept for her sin bitterly.



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