Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Mdr 22VII/6 — þíns ‘your’

Váttr ertu, seggja sættir,
sannhróðig guðs móðir;
lætr eigi lymskar mútur
ljúgorð af þier kúga.
En, ef gagns þurfa þegnar
þíns við nauðsyn sína,
góðs vitnis ber þú gotnum
greinir framm með einurð.

Váttr ertu, sættir seggja, sannhróðig móðir guðs; lætr eigi lymskar mútur kúga ljúgorð af þier. En, ef þegnar þurfa gagns þíns við nauðsyn sína, ber þú framm gotnum greinir góðs vitnis með einurð.

You are a witness, reconciler of men, truly famous mother of God [= Mary]; you do not allow cunning bribes to force lying words from you. But if men need your support in their neediness, you bear forth for men good testimony [lit. elements of good witness] with sincerity.


[5, 6] gagns þíns: It is necessary to emend both words (so Skj B), as þurfa ‘to need’ takes the gen. Kock (Skald) emends En ef gagns (l. 5) to Gǫgn ef.



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