Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 4VII/8 — móðs ‘despondent’

Þrifgæðir, lát, þjóðar,
þíns anda mér skína
ástarljós, sem ek æsti,
albjart í sal hjarta,
þat er misverka myrkrum,
munar, hrindi, svá blindi
míns, ór mælsku túni,
móðs vandliga hrjóði.

Þrifgæðir þjóðar lát albjart ástarljós þíns anda skína mér í hjarta sal, sem ek æsti, þat er hrjóði vandliga myrkrum misverka ór mælsku túni, hrindi svá blindi míns móðs munar.

Prosperity-endower of the people [= God (= Christ)], let the wholly radiant light of love of your spirit shine in my heart’s hall [BREAST], as I entreat that which may clear away completely the darkness of misdeeds from my field of eloquence [BREAST], [and] so drive out the blindness of my despondent mind.


[8] móðs (gen. sg. m.) ‘despondent’: Although construed here as adj. (following Skj B), móðr may also be taken as a noun: ‘mind, soul, passion, anger, worry’ (so LP (1860), Rydberg and NN §1386).



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