Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 38VII/4 — dýrr ‘Precious’

Snjallr, ert orðinn öllum
ofrníðingum síðan
djöflum leiðr ept dauða,
dýrr kross, himinstýris.
Leggr andskota undan
ætt fyr göfgum mætti
opt ok yðrum krapti
óttagjörn á flótta.

Dýrr kross, ert snjallr orðinn öllum ofrníðingum síðan, djöflum leiðr ept dauða himinstýris. Andskota ætt, óttagjörn, leggr undan opt á flótta fyr yðrum göfgum mætti ok krapti.

Precious Cross, you have afterwards attained power over all arch-villains, [you are] hateful to devils since the death of heaven’s ruler [= God (= Christ)]. The devil’s clan, eager with fear, flees often before your noble might and power.



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