Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 13VII/3 — hátt ‘a sublime’

Vilda ek vitra hölda
vegs gæti*, meinlætum,
hátt, þeim er hörðum mætti,
hvargóðum stef bjóða.
Krists vinnr krapt ins hæsta
krossmark viðum hnossa
alls bezt; lofar æztan
öll dýrð konung fyrða.

Ek vilda bjóða hátt stef hvargóðum gæti* vegs vitra hölda, þeim er mætti hörðum meinlætum. Krossmark ins hæsta Krists vinnr krapt alls bezt viðum hnossa; öll dýrð lofar æztan konung fyrða.

I would like to offer a sublime refrain to the ever-good guardian of the way of wise men [= God (= Christ)], who met with hard tribulations. The cross-sign of the most high Christ gains power best of all for trees of treasures [MEN]; all glory exalts the highest king of men [RULER = Christ].



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