Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 11VII/6 — þína ‘your’

Kosti alls af ástum
— einsætt er þat — hreinum
(magn stýri því) meira
maðr hverr (svika þverris);
þvít margfalda mildi,
minn lausnari, þína
hverja stund at höndum
hlífrunnum lætr svífa.

Hverr maðr kosti alls meira af hreinum ástum; þat er einsætt; magn þverris svika stýri því; þvít, minn lausnari, lætr þína margfalda mildi svífa hverja stund at höndum hlífrunnum.

Let each man strive all the more out of pure loves; that is the only choice; may the power of the diminisher of falsehoods [VIRTUOUS RULER = Christ] govern it; because, my Saviour, you allow your manifold mercy to glide every hour into the hands of shield-bushes [WARRIORS].


[6] minn : þína: The short/long rhyme i : í also occurs at 47/2 (þíns : inna) and 52/2 (minn : skína).



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