Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Líkn 1VII/1 — Einn ‘alone’

Einn, lúk upp, sem ek bæni,
óðrann ok gef sanna
mér, þú er* alls átt ærit,
orðgnótt, himins dróttinn.
Þinn vil ek kross, sem kunnum,
(Kristr styrki mik) dýrka
(örr, sá er ýta firrir
allri nauð ok dauða).

Himins dróttinn, þú er* einn átt ærit alls, lúk upp óðrann, sem ek bæni, ok gef mér sanna orðgnótt. Ek vil dýrka þinn kross, sem kunnum; Kristr styrki mik, örr, sá er firrir ýta allri nauð ok dauða.

Heaven’s Lord [= God], you who alone possess a fullness of all, open up my poetry-house [BREAST], as I pray, and give me true word-abundance. I desire to glorify your Cross as [well as] we [I] can; may Christ strengthen me, the bountiful one, who removes men from all distress and death.


[1] Einn: ‘[...]inn’ B, Ẹinn 399a‑bˣ


[1] einn ‘one, alone’: Restoration based upon 399a-bˣ, supported by the need for vowel alliteration. Despite its presence in 399a-bˣ, the ‘E’ may not actually have been legible to Jón Sigurðsson; as with the beginnings of other poems (except Anon Heildr) in B, space was left in the ms. for a possible rubricated capital which was never supplied.



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