Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Leið 1VII/1 — Þinn ‘your’

Þinn óð sem ek inni
allskjótt, salar fjalla,
harðla brátt til hróðrar,
harri, munn ok varrar.
Mér gefi dǫglingr dýra
dœmistóls ok sólar,
enn svát ek mega, sanna
orðgnótt, lofa dróttin.

Ek sem inni þinn óð, munn ok varrar, allskjótt, harðla brátt til hróðrar, harri salar fjalla. Dǫglingr dœmistóls ok sólar gefi mér dýra, sanna orðgnótt, svát ek mega enn lofa dróttin.

I arrange your poem inwardly, [and] my mouth and lips very quickly, very briskly for praise, lord of the hall of the mountains [SKY/HEAVEN > = God]. May the king of the judgement-seat and of the sun [= God] give me precious, true word-abundance, so that I may again praise the Lord.


[1] Þinn: so 624, ‘[...]inn’ B


[1] Þinn: In B, the beginnings of 10r, 39 and 10r, 40 are indented by some 9mm, to allow space for a larger initial to mark the beginning of the poem, which has not been supplied. All previous eds and transcribers have reconstructed this letter as <Þ>.



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