Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Kálf Kátr 5VII/1 — borg ‘city’

Alexandría hiet borg, sú er brendra
bauga Hlín með frændum sínum
stödd var í, þá er margar mæddu
mótgjörðirnar líkam snótar.
Odda flaums rieð öllum heimi
— eg nefni svá keisarann — stefnir,
Maxencíus liet meizlur vinna,
Máríu sonar er þrælar váru.

Alexandría hiet borg, sú er Hlín brendra bauga var stödd í með frændum sínum, þá er margar mótgjörðirnar mæddu líkam snótar. Stefnir flaums odda rieð öllum heimi — eg nefni svá keisarann — Maxencíus liet meizlur vinna, er váru þrælar sonar Máríu.

Alexandria was the name of the city, in which the Hlín <goddess> of burnished rings [WOMAN] lived with her relatives, when the many assaults tormented the body of the woman. The summoner of the stream of spear points [BATTLE > WARRIOR] ruled over the whole world — by this I mean the emperor — Maxentius had [those] undergo mutilation, who were the servants of the son of Mary [= Christ > CHRISTIAN PEOPLE].



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