Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Heildr 11VII/4 — hug ‘minds [lit. mind]’

Kom nú, hreinskapaðr himna,
hlutvandr föður andi;
yðvarra frem, errinn,
alsælan hug þræla.
Himneskrar fremr háska
hjálp unnin* miskunnar
gumna brjóst í grimmum
guðs kraptr, þau er þú skaptir.

Kom nú, hreinskapaðr himna, hlutvandr andi föður; errinn, frem alsælan hug yðvarra þræla. Guðs kraptr, hjálp himneskrar miskunnar, unnin* í grimmum háska, fremr brjóst gumna, þau er þú skaptir.

Come now, pure creator of the heavens, upright spirit of the father; powerful one, further the altogether-blessed minds [lit. mind] of your servants. God’s power, help of heavenly mercy, won in terrible danger, strengthen the breasts [lit. breast] of men, which you created.


[4] alsælan hug yðvarra þræla ‘the altogether-blessed minds [lit. mind] of your servants’: The sæl : þræll rhyme is also exploited in Has 58/8.



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