Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Austv 17I/6 — vǫrðum

Létk við yðr, es ítran,
Ôleifr, hugat môlum
rétt, es ríkan hittak
Rǫgnvald, konungr, haldit.
Deildak môl ins milda,
malma vǫrðr, í gǫrðum
harða mǫrg; né heyrðak
heiðmanns tǫlur greiðri.

Létk haldit hugat rétt môlum við yðr, Ôleifr konungr, es [hittak] ítran, es hittak ríkan Rǫgnvald. Deildak harða mǫrg môl í gǫrðum ins milda, vǫrðr malma; né heyrðak greiðri tǫlur heiðmanns.

I kept conscientiously, precisely, to the arrangements with you, King Óláfr, when [I met with] the excellent, when I met with the powerful Rǫgnvaldr. I dealt with very many arrangements in the courts of the generous one, guardian of metal weapons [WARRIOR = Óláfr]; I have not heard more loyal speeches of a tributary [Rǫgnvaldr].



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