Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 19I/6 — ǫld ‘troop’

Hǫrðs, síz hermenn firrðu
— hlíf raufsk fyr gram — lífi,
auðn at Engla stríði
ómjúk, konung sjúkan.
Ǫr brá Ôleifs fjǫrvi
ǫld, þars herr klauf skjǫldu;
folks odda gekk fylkir
fund, en Dagr helt undan.

Hǫrð, ómjúk auðn [e]s at stríði Engla, síz hermenn firrðu sjúkan konung lífi; hlíf raufsk fyr gram. Ǫr ǫld brá fjǫrvi Ôleifs, þars herr klauf skjǫldu; fylkir folks gekk fund odda, en Dagr helt undan.

There is a hard, unyielding desolation after [the death of] the opponent of the English [= Óláfr], since warriors removed the wounded king from life; the shield was sundered in front of the ruler. The bold troop destroyed the life of Óláfr, where the army clove shields; the leader of the army advanced into the meeting of points [BATTLE], but Dagr headed away.



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