Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 17I/6 — framm ‘forwards’

Þollr dylr saðrar snilli
seims, en þat veitk heiman,
— hverr sæi Hunds verk stœrri
hugstórs —, es frýr Þóri,
es þvergarða þorði
Þróttr, hinns framm of sótti,
glyggs í gǫgn at hǫggva
gunnranns konungmanni.

Þollr seims, es frýr Þóri, dylr saðrar snilli, en veitk þat heiman — hverr sæi stœrri verk hugstórs Hunds? —, es Þróttr þvergarða glyggs gunnranns, hinns of sótti framm, þorði at hǫggva í gǫgn konungmanni.

The fir-tree of gold [MAN] who reproaches Þórir conceals true valour, and I know that from home — who might have seen greater deeds of the mighty-hearted [Þórir] Hundr (‘Dog’)? —, when the Þróttr <= Óðinn> of the cross-fences of the storm of the battle-hall [SHIELD > BATTLE > SHIELD > WARRIOR], the one who pressed forwards, dared to strike at the royal person.



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