Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv ErfÓl 11I/2 — framm

Fór í fylking þeira
framm (iðrask nú) miðri
— snarir fundusk þar — Þrœnda
(þess verks búendr) merki.

Merki Þrœnda fór framm í miðri fylking þeira; snarir fundusk þar; búendr iðrask nú þess verks.

The standard of the Þrœndir advanced in the middle of their ranks; bold ones met there; the farmers now regret this deed.


[1, 2] fór framm ‘advanced’: Kock (NN §819B) would prefer to take framm as meaning ‘for the future, henceforth’ and modifying the following verb iðrask ‘regret’. But iðrask is already modified by ‘now’ and parallels with the following stanza and with other skaldic depictions of troops surging into battle (LP: framm 1) suggest that framm must modify fór, despite the awkward tripartite line.



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