Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 25I/1 — framm ‘forward’

Þar gekk framm í fólki
fránlyndr Búi sína
— þess kveða virða vissu
vánir — hart með sveina.
Ok geirviðir gerðu
grimma hǫggum rammir
— gengu þeir at gunni
geystir — vápna brestu.

Fránlyndr Búi gekk framm hart þar í fólki með sveina sína; kveða virða vissu vánir þess. Ok geirviðir, rammir hǫggum, gerðu grimma brestu vápna; þeir gengu geystir at gunni.

Keen-tempered Búi pressed forward strongly there in the battle with his followers; [people] say that men had expectations of this. And the spear-trees [WARRIORS], powerful with their blows, made fierce crashings of weapons; they went enraged into battle.



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