Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Bjbp Jóms 16I/6 — kannaði ‘tested’

Sagt var, at sunnan heldu
snyrtimenn of hrannir
— kaldr dreif marr á meiða
morðbáls — skipastóli.
Lǫmðu héldir húfar
— hríð kannaði lýði —
— gnúði svalr á sýju
sær — ísugar bárur.

Sagt var, at snyrtimenn heldu skipastóli sunnan of hrannir; kaldr marr dreif á meiða morðbáls; héldir húfar lǫmðu ísugar bárur; hríð kannaði lýði; svalr sær gnúði á sýju.

It was said that the fine men sailed their fleet of ships from the south across the waves; the cold sea drove against the poles of the battle-fire [SWORD > WARRIORS]; the rime-covered hulls beat the icy waves; the storm tested the men; the chill sea roared against the planking.



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