Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Víkv 3I/6 — skeiðar ‘the warships’

Hríð varð stáls í stríðri
strǫng Herdala gǫngu
Finnlendinga at fundi
fylkis niðs in þriðja.
En austr við lô leysti
leið víkinga skeiðar;
Bálagarðs at borði
brimskíðum lá síða.

In þriðja strǫng hríð stáls niðs fylkis varð í stríðri gǫngu Herdala at fundi Finnlendinga. En leið leysti skeiðar víkinga austr við lô; Bálagarðssíða lá at borði brimskíðum.

The third powerful storm of steel [BATTLE] of the descendant of the ruler [= Óláfr] happened during the difficult journey to Herdalar in a meeting with Finns. And the sea let loose the warships of the vikings east by the breakers; Bálagarðssíða lay alongside the surf-skis [SHIPS].


[6] skeiðar: so 325VI, 73aˣ, 78aˣ, 68, skeiða , skeiðir Holm2, J2ˣ, 325V, Bb, Flat, Tóm, skeiðir corrected from skeiðar R686ˣ, síðu 61


[6] skeiðar (acc. pl.) ‘the warships’: This reading is adopted by previous eds; ’s reading skeiða can be explained as resulting from the simple loss of an abbreviation mark. Jón Helgason (1935-6) preferred the reading skeiðir, which occurs in several unrelated mss. In fact, this word is of a class which varied enormously in its pl. forms (ANG §416.3, 4).



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