Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjóð Yt 22I/10 — Skírings ‘Skírings’

Þat frá hverr,
at Halfdanar
sakna skyldu.
Ok hallvarps
á Þótni tók.
Ok Skæreið
í Skíringssal
of brynjalfs
beinum drúpir.

Þat frá hverr, at sǫkmiðlendr skyldu sakna Halfdanar. Ok hlífi-Nauma hallvarps tók þjóðkonung á Þótni. Ok Skæreið drúpir of beinum brynjalfs í Skíringssal.

Everyone learned that the mediators had to feel the loss of Hálfdan. And the protecting Nauma <goddess> of the cairn [= Hel] took the mighty king in Toten. And Skæreið mourns over the bones of the mailcoat-elf [WARRIOR] in Skíringssalr.


[10] Skírings‑: so F, J1ˣ, J2ˣ, R685ˣ, ‘Skíris‑’ , papp18ˣ, 521ˣ, 761aˣ


[10] Skíringssal ‘Skíringssalr’: The first known written evidence for the p. n. is in the OE Ælfredian Orosius (late C9th), where it is called Sciringes heale ‘Sciring’s haugh/hale’ (Bately 2008, 47, 55). The second element appears to be the dat. sg. of OE h(e)alh ‘a nook of land, a corner of land, a water-meadow’ (Smith 1956, I, 223), but it could be a spelling or a substitution for OE heall ‘hall’, which would correspond with ON salr ‘hall’. During the Middle Ages Skíringssalr was the name of a district in Vestfold called Tjølling today (Storm 1899, 113; Hkr 1893-1901, IV). Excavations between 1999 and 2001 revealed a man-made plateau north of the old commercial centre Kaupang. It is the site of a very large building measuring 9-10m by 32-34m, and accompanying artefacts indicate that it was the hall of a Viking-Age ruler. The layout corresponds to that of C8th halls from the Mälaren region inspired by the great C7th hall in (Gamla) Uppsala (Skre and Stylegar 2004, 65-71; Skre 2007b, 426-7). Skíringssalr is at present the only known hall site of this kind outside the Mälaren region, which may suggest that it was a direct imitation of the Uppsala hall.



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