Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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BjHall Kálffl 1I/3 — þitt ‘bravery’

Vast, þars vígs bað kosta
vápndjarfr Haralds arfi,
— kynnisk kapp þitt mǫnnum —
Kalfr, við Bókn austr sjalfa.
Gôtuð Gríðar sóta
gólig fǫng til jóla;
kenndr vast fyrstr at fundi
flettugrjóts ok spjóta.

Kalfr, vast austr við Bókn sjalfa, þars vápndjarfr arfi Haralds bað kosta vígs; kapp þitt kynnisk mǫnnum. Gôtuð sóta Gríðar gólig fǫng til jóla; vast kenndr fyrstr at fundi flettugrjóts ok spjóta.

Kálfr, you were east off Bokn itself, where the weapon-bold heir of Haraldr [= Óláfr] commanded battle to be waged; your bravery becomes known to men. You provided the steed of Gríðr <giantess> [WOLF] with splendid provisions for Christmas; you were seen to be first at the meeting of split stone and of spears [BATTLE].



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