Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Sigv Erlfl 7I/2 — vǫrðr ‘the guardian’

Áslákr hefr aukit
(es vǫrðr drepinn Hǫrða)
(fáir skyldu svá) (foldar)
frændsekju (styr vekja).
Ættvígi má eigi
(á líti þeir) níta
— frændr skyli bræði bindask
bornir — (môl in fornu).

Áslákr hefr aukit frændsekju; vǫrðr foldar Hǫrða es drepinn; fáir skyldu vekja styr svá. Ættvígi má eigi níta; bornir frændr skyli bindask bræði; líti þeir á in fornu môl.

Áslákr has increased crime against kindred; the guardian of the land of the Hǫrðar [= Hordaland > = Erlingr] has been killed; few should cause conflict in such a way. Kin-killing cannot be denied; those born as kinsmen should refrain from violence; let them look to the old sayings.


[2] es vǫrðr drepinn Hǫrða: ‘[…]þa’ 75c;    vǫrðr: norðr 73aˣ, 61


[2, 3] vǫrðr foldar Hǫrða ‘the guardian of the land of the Hǫrðar [= Hordaland > = Erlingr]’: According to Snorri (ÍF 27, 192), Erlingr ruled western Norway from Sognefjorden to Lindesnes, an area more extensive than, but including, modern Hordaland.




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