Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þloft Tøgdr 7I/3 — framm ‘forward’

Gjǫld hefk marka
malmdyns fyr hlyn
framm fimm tega
forvíst borit,
þeiras veitti
víghagr fyr brag
mér morðstœrir,
mannbaldr es ek fann.

Hefk forvíst borit framm fyr hlyn malmdyns gjǫld fimm tega marka, þeiras víghagr morðstœrir veitti mér fyr brag, es ek fann mannbaldr.

I have most certainly brought forward before the maple of metal-din [BATTLE > WARRIOR] repayment for the fifty marks which the slaying-skilled battle-increaser [WARRIOR] gave me for a poem, when I met the outstanding man.



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