Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Lv 7I/1 — þitt

Lítt kvôðu þik láta,
landvǫrðr, es brast, Hǫrða,
benja hagl á brynjum,
— bugusk almar — geð falma,
þás ófolgin ylgjar
endr ór þinni hendi
fetla svell til fyllar
fullegg, Haraldr, gullu.

Lítt kvôðu þik láta geð falma, landvǫrðr Hǫrða, es hagl benja brast á brynjum; almar bugusk, þás ófolgin fullegg svell fetla gullu endr ór hendi þinni, Haraldr, til fyllar ylgjar.

Little did people say you let your courage falter, land-guardian of the Hǫrðar [NORWEGIAN KING = Haraldr], when the hail of wounds [ARROWS] burst on the mail-shirts; bows were bent, when the unconcealed fully edged icicles of sword-belts [SWORDS] resounded once more from your hand, Haraldr, providing the she-wolf with its fill.



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