Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Lv 2I/6 — slóðar

Samira, Njǫrðr, enn norðar,
naddregns, hvǫtum þegni
— vér getum bili at bǫlva —
borðmœrar skæ fœra.
Nús, þats rekr á Rakna
rymleið flota breiðan
— grípum vér í greipar
gunnborð — Haraldr sunnan.

Samira hvǫtum þegni, Njǫrðr naddregns, fœra skæ borðmœrar enn norðar; vér getum at bǫlva bili. Nús, þats Haraldr rekr breiðan flota sunnan á rymleið Rakna; grípum vér gunnborð í greipar.

It does not befit a brave man, Njǫrðr <god> of the spear-rain [BATTLE > WARRIOR = Hákon], to take the horse of the gunwale-land [SEA > SHIP] still further north; we curse delay. Now it is coming about that Haraldr drives his broad fleet from the south on the roaring path of Rakni <sea-king> [SEA]; let us grasp the battle-board [SHIELD] in our hands.



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