Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hák 1I/5 — Óðin

Gǫndul ok Skǫgul         sendi Gautatýr
        at kjósa of konunga,
hverr Yngva ættar         skyldi með Óðni fara
        ok í Valhǫll vesa.

Gautatýr sendi Gǫndul ok Skǫgul at kjósa of konunga, hverr ættar Yngva skyldi fara með Óðni ok vesa í Valhǫll.

The god of the Gautar [= Óðinn] sent Gǫndul and Skǫgul to choose among kings, which of the kin of Yngvi should go with Óðinn and live in Valhǫll.



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