Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon (Styrb) 1I/2 — hjaldrs ‘of battle’

Hildr stendr hverjan myrgin
hjaldrs und rauðum skildi;
nú hafa sigrmeyjar settan
sverðleik Dǫnum harðan.
Eiguð víga vægi
(vill Baldrs faðir illan
Óðinn harðr) sem allir
(óljósan val kjósa).

Hildr hjaldrs stendr hverjan myrgin und rauðum skildi; nú hafa sigrmeyjar settan Dǫnum harðan sverðleik. Eiguð víga vægi, sem allir; Óðinn, harðr faðir Baldrs, vill kjósa illan, óljósan val.

The Hildr of battle [VALKYRIE] stands every morning under a red shield; now the victory-maidens [VALKYRIES] have established hard sword-play [BATTLE] for the Danes. You have to fight with a sword, like everyone; Óðinn, the hard father of Baldr, wishes to choose the wretched, dark slain.


[1, 2] Hildr hjaldrs ‘the Hildr of battle [VALKYRIE]’: A pleonastic kenning, as Hildr is itself a valkyrie-name.




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