Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjóð Yt 9I/1 — undr ‘a wonder’

Þat telk undr,
ef Agna her
Skjalfar rôð
at skǫpum þóttu,
þás gœðing
með gollmeni
Loga dís
at lopti hóf,
hinns við †tꜹr†
temja skyldi
svalan hest
Signýjar vers.

Þat telk undr, ef rôð Skjalfar þóttu her Agna at skǫpum, þás dís Loga hóf gœðing at lopti með gollmeni, hinns skyldi temja svalan hest vers Signýjar við †tꜹr†.

I call it a wonder if Skjǫlf’s plans seemed to the liking of Agni’s troop when the sister of Logi [= Skjǫlf] heaved the prince aloft with the gold neck-ring, the one who had to tame the cool horse of the lover of Signý [= Hagbarðr > GALLOWS] near …



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