Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Jór Send 5I/2 — framm

Hróðr vann hringa stríðir
Haralds framm kveðinn ramman;
Goðþormr hlaut af gæti
góð laun kveðins óðar.
Raunframra brá rimmu
runnr skjǫldunga gunnar;
áðr bjósk herr til hjǫrva
hreggs dǫglinga tveggja.

Stríðir hringa vann framm kveðinn ramman hróðr Haralds; Goðþormr hlaut góð laun kveðins óðar af gæti. Runnr gunnar brá rimmu raunframra skjǫldunga; áðr bjósk herr tveggja dǫglinga til hreggs hjǫrva.

The enemy of rings [GENEROUS MAN] performed a powerful panegyric for Haraldr; Guthormr got good reward for the recited poem from the sovereign. The tree of battle [WARRIOR] ended the clash between the truly successful rulers; previously the army of [each of] the two princes had prepared for a storm of swords [BATTLE].


[2] framm kveðinn: framkveðins 75c



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