Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þjóð Yt 3I/10 — beði ‘the bank’

Enn á vit
Vilja bróður
vitta véttr
Vanlanda kom,
þás trollkund
of troða skyldi
líðs Grímhildr
ljóna bága.
Ok sá brann
á beði Skútu
es mara kvalði.

Enn véttr vitta kom Vanlanda á vit bróður Vilja, þás trollkund Grímhildr líðs skyldi of troða bága ljóna. Ok sá menglǫtuðr, es mara kvalði, brann á beði Skútu.

And the creature of charms [SORCERESS] got Vanlandi to visit the brother of Vili <god> [= Óðinn] when the troll-descended Grímhildr of strong drink [WOMAN] had to trample the fighter of men [KING]. And that ring-destroyer [GENEROUS MAN] whom the mara tormented burned on the bank of the Skúta.


[10] beði: bǫði J2ˣ, R685ˣ


[10] á beði Skútu ‘on the bank of the Skúta’: The river Skúta probably refers to Skutån in Skuttunge, Uppland (Yt 1925). According to Vikstrand (2004, 376-7), who refers to the current p. n. Skottbro originally noted by Lindqvist (1936, 316-17), it might also be an old river name from Vendel, Uppland.



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