Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þklypp Lv 1I/7 — bragnings ‘of the prince’

Hygg eigi beð byggva,
bjórranns, hjá þér, Nanna,
— ek em af angri miklu
ófrýnn — né svá dýnu.
Ok dauðs vallar dáðar
(drekk eigi,) mér þekkja
(áðr í bragnings blóði
bengjóði nef rjóðum).

Hygg eigi byggva beð né svá dýnu hjá þér, Nanna bjórranns; ek em ófrýnn af miklu angri. Ok dáðar vallar dauðs þekkja mér; drekk eigi, áðr rjóðum nef bengjóði í blóði bragnings.

I do not intend to occupy a bed, and certainly not a feather bed, beside you, Nanna <goddess> of the beer-mansion [DRINKING HORN > WOMAN]; I am grimacing from great anguish. And accomplishments of the field of death are agreeable to me; I shall not drink before we [I] redden the beak of the wound-osprey [RAVEN/EAGLE] in the blood of the prince.



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