Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þór Lv 1I/4 — dýrr ‘the worthy’

Sitr við ôr, en etjum,
allvaldr, á sæ kaldan,
— vel rœr dróttar deilir
dýrr — en hundr við stýri.
Skelfir * gnap*mar Gylfa
gœðings skafit rœði;
jalmar hlumr við hilmis
hendr sem skildi vendir.

Allvaldr sitr við ôr, en hundr við stýri, en etjum á kaldan sæ; dýrr deilir dróttar rœr vel. Skafit rœði gœðings skelfir * gnap*mar Gylfa; hlumr jalmar við hendr hilmis, sem vendir skildi.

The mighty ruler sits at the oar, and a dog at the rudder, and we drive forward on the cold sea; the worthy controller of the retinue [RULER = Óláfr] rows well. The planed oar of the chieftain makes the towering horse of Gylfi <sea-king> [SHIP] shudder; the oar-handle squeals in the hands of the king, like swords on a shield.




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