Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 13I/3 — þín ‘you’

Komt í land ok lendir,
láðvǫrðr, Aðalráði;
þín naut rekka rúni
ríki efldr at slíku.
Harðr vas fundr, sás fœrðuð
friðlands á vit niðja
(réð áttstuðill áðan)
Játmundar (þar grundu).

Láðvǫrðr, komt Aðalráði í land ok lendir; efldr ríki, naut rúni rekka þín at slíku. Fundr vas harðr, sás fœrðuð niðja Játmundar á vit friðlands; áttstuðill réð grundu þar áðan.

Land-guardian [KING], you brought Æthelred into the land and gave [him] land; strengthened with a kingdom, the counsellor of warriors [KING = Æthelred] had help from you in this. The fighting was hard, by which you brought the kinsman of Eadmund [= Æthelred] into a land of peace; the prop of the family ruled the land there previously.


[3] þín: þíns 325V, 325VII, Flat, Tóm, FskAˣ, því FskBˣ



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