Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 6I/3 — bræðir ‘Feeder’

Drótt vas drjúgligr ótti,
dolglinns, at fǫr þinni,
svanbræðir; namt síðan
Svíþjóðar nes rjóða.

Dolglinns svanbræðir, vas drjúgligr ótti drótt at fǫr þinni; síðan namt rjóða nes Svíþjóðar.

Feeder of the swan of the battle-serpent [(lit. ‘swan-feeder of the battle-serpent’) SWORD > RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR], there was great terror for the people from your journey; afterwards you began to redden the headland(s) of Sweden.


[3] ‑bræðir: ‑breiðir J2ˣ, ‑beiðir 61



case: nom.


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