Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ótt Hfl 3I/8 — þín ‘your’

Ungr hratt á vit vengis,
vígrakkr konungr, blakki
(þú hefr dýrum þrek) dreyra
Danmarkar (þik vanðan).
Varð nýtligust norðan
— núst ríkr af hvǫt slíkri —
(frák til þess, es fóruð,)
fǫr þín, konungr (gǫrva).

Vígrakkr konungr, hratt ungr blakki dreyra vengis á vit Danmarkar; þú hefr vanðan þik dýrum þrek. Konungr, fǫr þín norðan varð nýtligust; frák gǫrva til þess, es fóruð; núst ríkr af slíkri hvǫt.

Battle-bold king, you launched [when] young the steed of the blood of the land [SEA > SHIP] towards Denmark; you have accustomed yourself to splendid valour. King, your journey from the north became most successful; I heard clearly about this, that you travelled; now you are powerful on account of such boldness.



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