Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 28I/3 — hæsta ‘the highest’

Veit, þess’s víða bœtti
várt eðli, stað bjartan,
heilagr Kristr, ok hæsta
hlíf þjóðkonungs lífi,
þvít skýranna* skreytir
skíðs Ôleifi fríðri
vǫgnu láðs und víðu
verðr aldrigi tjaldi.

Heilagr Kristr, veit bjartan stað ok hæsta hlíf lífi þjóðkonungs, þess’s bœtti víða eðli várt, þvít verðr aldrigi skreytir skíðs láðs vǫgnu fríðri Ôleifi und víðu tjaldi skýranna*.

Holy Christ, give an illustrious place and the highest protection to the life of this mighty king, who reformed our nature far and wide, because there will never be an adorner of the ski of the land of the orca [SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER] finer than Óláfr under the wide awning of cloud-halls [SKY].


[3] hæsta: ‘hesti’ Bb


[3] hæsta ‘the highest’: Ms. ‘hesti’ appears to be the weak m. nom. sg. form of the sup. adj. hæstr ‘highest’ (the dat. sg. of hestr m. ‘horse’ can be discounted). As such there is no noun in the helmingr that it can modify, so emendation is necessary. The syntactic parallelism with stað bjartan ‘illustrious place’ suggests it should be taken with hlíf f. acc. sg. ‘protection’.



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