Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 12I/2 — hlífar ‘of the shield’

Hraustr vann Hjaltland kristnat
hlífar þeys sem Eyjar
stýrir støkkvifúra
stalls sem Nóreg allan.
Lét á Grœnland gætir
gunnblíðr komit síðan
vengis vallar hringa
vegsamr trúu ramri.

Hraustr stýrir stalls støkkvifúra þeys hlífar vann Hjaltland kristnat sem Eyjar, sem allan Nóreg. Vegsamr, gunnblíðr gætir vengis hringa vallar lét síðan komit ramri trúu á Grœnland.

The bold controller of the stand of scattering flames of the breeze of the shield [BATTLE > SWORDS > SHIELD > WARRIOR] made Shetland Christian, and the Isles [Orkney], as well as all of Norway. The glorious, battle-joyful guardian of the field of the rings of the plain [SERPENTS > GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] then had the powerful faith brought to Greenland.




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