Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Liðs 6I/8 — hugir ‘minds’

Einráðit lét áðan
Ullkell, þars spjǫr gullu,
— hǫrð óx hildar garða
hríð — víkinga at bíða.
Ok, slíðrhugaðr, síðan
sátt á oss, hvé mátti
byggs við bitran skeggja
brunns; tveir hugir runnu.

Ullkell lét áðan einráðit at bíða víkinga, þars spjǫr gullu; hǫrð hríð garða hildar óx. Ok, slíðrhugaðr, sátt á oss síðan, hvé mátti við bitran skeggja byggs brunns; tveir hugir runnu.

Ullkell had beforehand resolved to await the vikings where spears screamed; a hard storm of enclosures of war [SHIELDS > BATTLE] swelled. And, ruthless-minded one, you saw on us afterwards how one [we] could prevail against the fierce denizen of the barley of the spring [STONE > ?= Ullkell]; two minds were competing.


[8] tveir hugir runnu ‘two minds were competing’: Lit. ‘were running’. This remark is evidently an admission that dissent or doubt existed among the vikings about how to proceed in response to Ulfcytel’s fierce defence.



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