Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Þorf Lv 2I/2 — randar ‘of the shield-rim’

Røkkr at regni miklu
randar garðs ins harða;
vill við vísa snjallan
Verdœla lið berjask.
Verjum allvald ǫrvan;
ǫlum teitan mô sveita;
fellum Þrœndr í Þundar
— þess eggjumk vér — hreggi.

Røkkr at miklu regni ins harða garðs randar; lið Verdœla vill berjask við snjallan vísa. Verjum ǫrvan allvald; ǫlum teitan mô sveita; fellum Þrœndr í hreggi Þundar; vér eggjumk þess.

It grows dim approaching the great downpour of the tough enclosure of the shield-rim [SHIELD > BATTLE]; the force of the Verdœlir wants to fight against the valiant prince [Óláfr]. Let us defend the generous mighty ruler; let us feed the cheerful gull of gore [RAVEN/EAGLE]; let us fell the Þrœndr in the storm of Þundr <= Óðinn> [BATTLE]; we are urging this.


[2] randar: randa J2ˣ, 321ˣ, Bæb, 61, 325VII, Bb, Flat, Tóm, DG8, 141ˣ


[2] garðs randar ‘of the enclosure of the shield-rim [SHIELD]’: Rǫnd can refer either to a complete shield or to its rim, so if the well-supported gen. pl. reading randa is adopted instead of gen. sg. randar, garðs randa could mean ‘wall of shields, shield-wall’. Either way, Bjarni Aðalbjarnason in ÍF 27 notes the appropriateness of garðs alongside the weather imagery here, since garðr m. can also refer to a bank of cloud.




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