Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 6I/5 — borgir ‘of towns’

Rak, sás rausn vann mikla,
rjóðr með gengi þjóðar
víga borðs, ok verðar,
vestr hernað, fekk erni.
Endr frák borgir brenndar
— brandr gall — á Írlandi,
— blésu vé — þars vísi
vígmóðr of kom, glóðum.

Rjóðr borðs víga, sás vann mikla rausn, rak hernað vestr með gengi þjóðar, ok fekk erni verðar. Frák borgir brenndar glóðum endr á Írlandi, þars vígmóðr vísi of kom; brandr gall; vé blésu.

The reddener of the planking of battles [SHIELD > WARRIOR], he who achieved great magnificence, pursued a raiding campaign in the west with a company of men, and provided the eagle with food. I have heard of towns burned by fire in former times in Ireland, where the battle-furious prince came; the sword rang out; banners fluttered.



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