Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 4I/6 — kǫnnuðu ‘explored’

Reggstrindar bað randir
ráðfimr bera snimma
jóskreytandi ýta
auðmildr á skip rauðar.
Frá reist framr, en s*ýjur
flóð kǫnnuðu góðar,
foldar hring til fengjar
fóstrjǫrð konungr bǫrðum.

Ráðfimr, auðmildr reggstrindar jóskreytandi bað ýta bera rauðar randir snimma á skip. Framr konungr reist hring foldar bǫrðum frá fóstrjǫrð til fengjar, en góðar s*ýjur kǫnnuðu flóð.

The counsel-swift, wealth-generous adorner of the stallion of the boat-land [(lit. ‘stallion-adorner of the boat-land’) SEA > SHIP > SEAFARER] ordered men to carry red shields early on board ship. The outstanding king clove the ring of the earth [SEA] with prows from his foster-land for booty, and good vessels explored the flood.



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