Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Óldr 3I/5 — støkkvir ‘The dispenser’

Nefndr vas, ungr sás efndi,
ýta vǫrðr, í Gǫrðum,
œski-Baldr, við aldir,
Ôleifr fyr mér, stála.
Eldstøkkvir sásk ekki
(ǫll hugði vel snjǫllum)
hafs nema hilmi jǫfra
(heimsbyggð syni Tryggva).

Œski-Baldr stála, vǫrðr ýta, sás ungr efndi við aldir í Gǫrðum, vas nefndr Ôleifr fyr mér. Hafs eldstøkkvir sásk ekki nema hilmi jǫfra; ǫll heimsbyggð hugði vel snjǫllum syni Tryggva.

The wishing Baldr of steel weapons [WARRIOR], guardian of men [RULER], who, [when] young, performed [deeds] against men in Russia, was named to me [as] Óláfr. The dispenser of the fire of the sea [(lit. ‘fire-dispenser of the sea’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN] feared nothing except the ruler of princes [= God]; all the peopled world thought well of the valiant son of Tryggvi [= Óláfr].


[5] ‑støkkvir: ‑stǫkkum Bb


[5] hafs eldstøkkvir ‘the dispenser of the fire of the sea [(lit. ‘fire-dispenser of the sea’) GOLD > GENEROUS MAN]’: Ms. eldstøkkum (m. dat. sg.) ‘fire-smooth, -brittle’ fails to provide sásk ‘feared’ with a subject; nor is the adj.’s meaning apparent. Previous eds have accordingly emended to the agent noun eldstøkkvir ‘fire-dispenser’. Eldstøkkum appears as an inferior variant to eldstøkkvir elsewhere in the corpus (Sturl Lv 2/1IV), and confusion of the abbreviations for -um and -ir is not implausible, though rare in Bb.




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