Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hák 12I/6 — þínir ‘your’

‘Hví þú svá gunni *         skiptir, Geir-Skǫgul,
        órum þó verðir gagns frá goðum?’
‘Vér því vǫldum *,         es þú velli helt,
        en þínir fíandr flugu.’

‘Hví skiptir þú gunni * svá, Geir-Skǫgul, þó órum verðir gagns frá goðum?’ ‘Vér vǫldum því *, es þú helt velli, en fíandr þínir flugu.’

‘Why did you decide the battle thus, Spear-Skǫgul, though we were [I was] worthy of victory from the gods?’ ‘We brought it about that you held the field and your enemies fled.’



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