Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Eyv Hák 8I/6 — Óðins ‘of Óðinn’

Blendusk við roðnar         und randar himni;
Skǫglar veðr léku         við ský* of bauga.
Umðu oddláar         í Óðins veðri;
hné mart manna         fyr mækis straumi.

Roðnar blendusk við und himni randar; veðr Skǫglar léku við ský* of bauga. Oddláar umðu í veðri Óðins; mart manna hné fyr straumi mækis.

Red colours mingled beneath the sky of the shield-rim [SHIELD]; the storms of Skǫgul <valkyrie> [BATTLE] played against the clouds of shield-rings [SHIELDS]. Point-waves [BLOOD] roared in the storm of Óðinn [BATTLE]; many people sank down before the tide of the sword [BLOOD].




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