Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Anon Eirm 3I/6 — Óðins ‘Óðinn’s’

‘Hvat þrymr þar *,         sem þúsund bifisk
        eða mengi til mikit?
Braka ǫll bekkþili,         sem myni Baldr koma
        eptir í Óðins sali.’

‘Hvat þrymr þar *, sem þúsund bifisk eða mengi til mikit? Ǫll bekkþili braka, sem Baldr myni koma eptir í sali Óðins.’

‘What is making a din there, as if a thousand were in motion, or an exceedingly great throng? All the bench-planks creak, as if Baldr were coming back into Óðinn’s residence.’



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