Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 6II/7 — bræði ‘the feeder’

Aldr hefk frétt, þats feldu
fránstalls konur allar
— verðrat menja myrðir
mjúkorðr — hǫfuðdúkum.
Nú tér Hlǫkk of hnakka
haukstrindar sér binda
— skrýðisk brúðr við bræði
bengagls — merar tagli.

Hefk aldr frétt, þats allar konur feldu hǫfuðdúkum fránstalls; myrðir menja verðrat mjúkorðr. Nú tér Hlǫkk haukstrindar binda tagli merar of hnakka sér; brúðr skrýðisk við bræði bengagls.

I have always understood that all women wrapped themselves in headdresses of snake-support [GOLD]; the murderer of neck-ornaments [GENEROUS MAN = Rǫgnvaldr] will not be gentle in his speech. Now the Hlǫkk <valkyrie> of the hawk-land [ARM > WOMAN = Ragna] ties a mare’s tail around her neck; the lady got dressed up for the feeder of the wound-gosling [RAVEN/EAGLE > WARRIOR = Rǫgnvaldr].




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