Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Rv Lv 2II/7 — á ‘on’

Vér hǫfum vaðnar leirur
vikur fimm megingrimmar;
saurs vasa vant, es vôrum,
viðr, í Grímsbœ miðjum.
Nús, þats môs of mýrar
meginkátliga lôtum
branda elg á bylgjur
Bjǫrgynjar til dynja.

Vér hǫfum vaðnar leirur fimm megingrimmar vikur; vasa vant saurs viðr, es vôrum í miðjum Grímsbœ. Nús, þats meginkátliga lôtum elg branda dynja á bylgjur til Bjǫrgynjar of mýrar môs.

We have waded the mud-flats for five mightily grim weeks; there was no lack there of muck when we were in the middle of Grimsby. Now it is the case that mightily merrily we cause the elk of the prow [SHIP] to boom on the waves to Bergen across the marshes of the gull [SEA].


[7] á: so Flat, of 325I



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