Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Hardr 12II/7 — vápna ‘of weapons’

Olli ofrausn stillis,
ormalátrs þats máttit,
stáls í strǫngu éli
stríðir elli bíða,
sás aldrigi, aldins
ótams lituðr hramma
viggs, í vápna glyggvi
Varðrúnar, sik sparði.

Ofrausn stillis olli í strǫngu éli stáls, þats stríðir ormalátrs máttit bíða elli, lituðr hramma aldins, ótams viggs Varðrúnar, sás aldrigi sparði sik í glyggvi vápna.

The excess of heroism in the ruler caused [this] in the stern blizzard of steel [BATTLE], that the foe of the reptiles’ lair [GOLD > GENEROUS MAN = Haraldr] could not live to see old age, the stainer of the claws of the old, untamed steed of Varðrún <troll-woman> [WOLF > WARRIOR] who never spared himself in the wind-storm of weapons [BATTLE].




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