Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Þorfdr 18II/1 — borga ‘the defences’

Margr vas millum borga
— mildingr þrǫng at hildi —
horna blôstr, þars hristisk
hugsterks jǫfurs merki.
Vætr brá, ’s vígljóst þótti,
vargsteypis her greypum,
(skulfu jôrn, en ulfar)
uggs (morginhræ tuggu).

Margr blôstr horna vas millum borga, þars merki hugsterks jǫfurs hristisk; mildingr þrǫng at hildi. Vætr uggs brá greypum her vargsteypis, [e]s þótti vígljóst; jôrn skulfu, en ulfar tuggu morginhræ.

Many a blast of horns sounded between the defences, where the banner of the stout-hearted hero waved; the bountiful one stormed into battle. Not a trace of fear seized the grim troop of the thief-feller [JUST RULER = Þorfinnr], once it seemed light enough for battle; iron blades quivered, and wolves chewed morning-carrion.



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