Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 10II/2 — framm ‘forth’

Óð með øxi breiða
ódæsinn framm ræsir
— varð of hilmi Hǫrða
hjǫrdynr — ok varp brynju,
þás of skapt, en skipti
skapvǫrðr himins jǫrðu,
— Hel klauf hausa fǫlva —
hendr tvær jǫfurr spendi.

Ódæsinn ræsir óð framm með breiða øxi ok varp brynju; hjǫrdynr varð of hilmi Hǫrða, þás jǫfurr spendi tvær hendr of skapt, en skapvǫrðr himins skipti jǫrðu; Hel klauf fǫlva hausa.

The unsluggish ruler stormed forth with broad axe, and cast off his byrnie; a sword-clash [BATTLE] arose around the ruler of the Hǫrðar [NORWEGIAN KING = Magnús], as the prince clenched both hands around the shaft, and the shaping guardian of heaven [= God] allotted earth; Hel clove pallid skulls.


[2] framm: frá Tóm



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