Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Arn Magndr 7II/4 — dýrr ‘excellent’

Náði siklingr síðan
snjallr ok Danmǫrk allri
— môttr óx drengja dróttins —
dýrr Nóregi at stýra.
Engr hefr annarr þengill
áðr svá gnógu láði
— bráskat bragnings þroski —
barnungr und sik þrungit.

Snjallr, dýrr siklingr náði síðan at stýra Nóregi ok allri Danmǫrk; môttr dróttins drengja óx. Engr annarr þengill hefr barnungr þrungit und sik áðr svá gnógu láði; þroski bragnings bráskat.

The daring, excellent prince attained then to rule Norway and the whole of Denmark; the strength of the leader of warriors grew. No other lord has, while child-young, thrust under his rule before such ample territory; the manhood of the sovereign did not fail.



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